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about this municipality
Physical Characteristics


With population of about 30,000 could be described as the first order settlement, which two other settlements, that is Adoagyiri and Aburi with population of about 13,000 and 10,000 repetitively could be classified as the second order settlements.  The settlements have enough services to cater for the many third order settlements like Sakyikrom, Pakro, Pokrom, Fotobi, Kitase, Ankwa Dobro, etc. and over three hundred settlements scattered all over the Municipality.

It must however be noted that the sphere of influence of these first and second order settlements excludes settlements as Brekuso, Peduase, Ayimensa, Dago, Kitase, Oblegima, who have to rely on other service centres outside the Municipality, this situation calls for the provision of some best services for education, health and telecommunication to make the place attractive especially to the youth.

Characteristically, the human settlement pattern to a great extent is influenced by the road network, with settlements dotted along the main arterials to Nsawam and also along the rail lines connecting Accra to the Cocoa and Gold producing hinterlands.

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